PR & Marketing

Getting news of your book out there is imperative to sharing your message. It’s often the most daunting aspect of the whole publishing process. Because this is such a specialized service, TLC defers it to the true experts in the field. We’ll help you find the right PR and/or marketing firm for your needs, whether short- or long-term or a la carte and no matter your budget. We even have resources for DIY marketing ideas. Of course, we’re happy to design your marketing materials once you have a plan and know your needs. The sky’s the limit, whether you want a business card, bookmark, sell sheet, brochure, media kit, trade show booth, or beyond! Share your plans and goals, let’s brainstorm, and we’ll get you on the right path.

By the way, if you don’t plan on marketing your book at all, please reconsider publishing it in the first place. If people don’t know about your book and don’t realize they need it, they won’t buy it.