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Our Gift List for the Writers and Authors in Your Life

Nov 7, 2016 | Helpful Lists for Authors, Self Publishing | 0 comments

Your friend is an author. You can’t figure out what on earth he or she wants for Christmas. Ugh! There just aren’t many fun, unique gifts for the creative type in your typical store and giving them time to write isn’t likely to come in the form of a gift card. (It is a great idea if you’re able to help, though!) NOW WHAT?

Searching online brings up a lot of ideas. A LOT. So, how do you possibly sort through them? Don’t! We did it for you. 🙂 We’ve been working with authors for more than 25 years — plus I enjoy shopping online — so it wasn’t such an awful task. 😉 If you have suggestions to add to this gift list, please let our readers know by leaving a comment. Enjoy this fun wish list and shop on. That writer will thank you — even if it turns out to be yourself.

1. Commit Them for a Year (or more)


A magazine subscription will fuel their passion on a regular basis. Yes, the gift that keeps on giving. Here are a few of the more popular titles: Writer’s Digest: $19.96, The Writer: $32.95, or Publisher’s Weekly: $20.95/month

2. Sign ’em Up


Joining an organized group of like-minded people brings comaraderie, learning, and encouragement. These book publishing groups offer so many valuable resources like webinars, conferences, newsletters, and online resources to help authors at any stage of the process. Many of these organizations also host awards programs. Giving some nicely-wrapped entry fee cash could reap big rewards! Annual dues, conference and entry fees vary.
Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA),  Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS), Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network (SPAWN), She Speaks Conference, or one of many regional groups such as Writer’s League of Texas, Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE), or Midwest Independent Publishers Association (MIPA)

3. Get In Their Lap


Help your author to be comfy and productive on the couch, in bed, outside in their hammock, or just about anywhere. We like the highly-rated LapGear XL Executive LapDesk in mahogany $24.99 or the Cooler Master Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion $20.53

4. Light Their Night


Because writers are readers and you just can’t put down a good book, shine some light on their obsession. LiliLite is a bookshelf, reading light, and bookmark in one. It’s built to hang on your wall and when you pull your book from the wooden peak a sensor automatically turns the lamp on. No way! Pre-order sale EUR 129 We love that this Amir Book Light is rechargeable, has two brightness settings, will clip to many objects and is just $7.69.

5. Because Their Book Really is Their Baby


You didn’t think we’d forget to put our own book on this list, did you? A combination publishing guidebook and journal to record all that happens on this crazy journey, it’s a beautiful way to encourage their passion and sure to be a treasured gift. Think of it as an author’s baby book with instructions. Hardcover, full-color, 64 pages (Also available in paperback.) My Publishing Journey (hardcover) $19.95

6. You’ve Got Their Back(up)


One can never be too careful about saving files, but a flash drive doesn’t have to be boring! This book-themed drive can remind your favorite author to save often when writing their next bestseller. Bonus points: If they already have a book cover, print it and attach to the top of the drive. 32GB USB 2.0 Maple Book Shaped USB Flash Drive $11.99

7. Help Producing The Book


Gift certificate for design or editing — or even have a cover pre-designed. Yes, this is something TLC Graphics offers. 😉 Most designers or editors  will offer gift certificates. Prices vary.

8. Head-to-Toe Books


You can’t go wrong with these fun book-themed wearables and household gifts. Simply giving a gift card for any of these sellers might take some stress off of your gifting self. Each company offers a great selection of literary-themed items! Two of our favorites from the Signals catalog: Vintage Books Wrap $39.95 and Darn Books t-shirt $19.95  /  Super-fun Library card socks from Out of Print. $10  /  Inspiring Rory’s Story Cubes from The Literary Gift Company £10.95 (They offer a discount for orders from the US.)

9. Beautifully Predictable


The moleskin/leather journal is on every gift list for authors, but that’s because it’s a tried and true staple. These two are particularly nice. INDIARY FIRST Finest Buffalo Leather Journal with 100% cotton handcrafted paper 7″x5″ $27.97  /  The Amazing Office Classic Refillable Writing Journal, faux leather, app. 6″ x 8.5″ $24.97 (other colors available)

10. Save Their Place


Bookmarks don’t have to be a piece of scrap paper — unless you’re my tween son, for some reason. We love this retro style bookmark that pays homage to the cassette era. $6.50 This FingerPrint not only saves your page, but also the line where you stopped reading. $7.00 Or maybe you prefer something a bit more fancy. Check out the BookRug 4-pack of Oriental rug styled bookmarks $21.59 And this little lamp is just adorable. $8.28

11. Gifted With Words


Definitely not your mama’s thesauri, these are themed and provide an amazing resource for any writer. How could you choose only one? Descriptive Thesaurus Collection from Writers Helping Writers® $12.99 (varies with seller and binding)

12. Old-School Meets the Screen


Do you know someone who loves their old-school typewriter? This conversion kit turns that typewriter into a computer keyboard to use with their screen of choice or type on good ol’ paper while saving everything directly to a micro-SD card. This is seriously cool! USB Typewriter Conversion Kit $99 and up.

Don’t forget that special author in your life! Writers need encouragement while on their journey and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness whether over the holidays or throughout the year.