interior design

Interior Design

This is another exciting and crucial step in creating your book. Most people don’t realize the power of interior design until they try reading a poorly-designed book. While the cover’s purpose is to gain initial attention, a book’s interior is usually what takes the buyer to the register. Don’t give them a reason to choose the competition over you! (If you’re not sure about this, check out our nifty Before and After Gallery.)

Development of your book’s interior ensures visual coordination with the cover and includes an initial several pages for evaluation, up to two design options for the interior, full layout of book including any worksheets, all frontmatter, formatting copyright page, title page design to match front cover, strict attention to typesetting details such as widows, orphans, line spacing, hyphenation, and kerning, layout of index if applicable, up to two reasonable rounds of changes after proofreading, and creation of press-ready PDF file set to the printer’s specifications.

Once we have a final, edited manuscript and the front cover design is approved, the layout of your interior will begin.


For tips to help you select the right design firm, download the PDF:
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