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If I Die Tomorrow

Oct 24, 2016 | Everlasting Love, Uncategorized | 5 comments

Note: This is not my usual self-publishing post. It’s far more important than that. Publishing info will resume next time. 🙂

If I die tomorrow, anyone who cares will know exactly where to find me. I’ll be with my one and only TRUE love! Yes, Tom is my second true love. He knows it and he is completely fine with it.

I will know glory and be filled with joy beyond compare because I’ll be with Jesus. (Stay with me, here. Please don’t check out because I mentioned that “Jesus” name.) I have this assurance because the one and only perfect person who has lived chose to take on my sin and die just so He and I could have a chance of being together forever. Notice I said that I would have the chance? It’s a choice for each of us and I chose to accept that gift He offered. Boy am I glad!

Tam-closeup-ResLife-TLCI was a mess before that. Some of you knew me then and are nodding your heads. The ego, the cocky insecurity, self-centered decisions. The list is long! I’m different, now. I can feel it. I see it in my decisions, the way people interact with me, how I treat others, including my family, and in the focus of my work. Oh, I still struggle with all of those nasty qualities, but my heart belongs to Jesus and He’s amazing at refocusing me on what matters. My friends and family help to make sure I remain on this path. (If that’s you, please continue to do so.) I go to church not out of obligation, but because I want to worship this person who sacrificed His all for me, to be part of this greater family, and learn more about my Father. My faith is not a checklist. It’s not head knowledge. It’s a love for the God who made me, knew me before I was born and all that I would do, think, say and STILL chose that His one and only Son would leave Heaven, come to a seriously messed-up earth, live as a human, be shunned and bullied, and die a horrific death only to rise again so that He and I could be together. He would’ve done it for only one person, but He did it for ALL.

But this isn’t about me. What if you died tomorrow?

Would you and I spend eternity together forever or never see each other again? The truth is, we are all going to live forever. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. We will either live with joy beyond comprehension or without even a glimmer of joy and instead agony beyond comprehension. Either way, we will know and acknowledge that God is our ever-loving creator. What if you learned the glorious truth too late? How horrible to know you’ve missed the one thing you’ve always wanted and needed and to never, ever be able to get that? It was right there and you walked right by without a glance. God’s love is pure and free. All you have to do is ask for it! Jesus is right there just waiting to live in you and He promises to NEVER leave you. Ever.

Because true love cannot be forced, He gives each of us a choice to love Him or leave Him — and honors that choice forever. Oh, how it breaks my heart to think of anyone getting their wish to be without Him. The reality is, He’s perfect and we are flawed. No amount of good deeds can erase the fact that we are flawed. They cannot build a bridge between you or I and Him. We are stuck on the other side of eternal Love and Life unless we choose the road that Jesus paved with His blood. Did you know that when you humbly ask Him into your life, He forgives all of your sins — even those you haven’t yet committed? What a weight He lifts off of our shoulders! I know, I’ve felt it. Yeah, we’ll still mess up. We are human, after all. He’s just here to tell us that He knows, He still loves us, and we’ll get through it together. Have you ever longed for a good father or a lifelong friend? You can have that TODAY!





I hear the protests.

Did you say that you don’t want to become one of those Jesus Freaks? That you don’t want to become a nut-case, right-wing Republican? That your life is just fine or you really like having fun? That you can handle anything because you’re strong, you’re smart? You don’t need to be accountable to some made-up storybook character? I know you certainly don’t want to become part of that hypocritical Christian movement and go to church with those people. I know, I’ve had some of those thoughts myself. There’s hypocrisy everywhere, not just the church. We’ve all said and done hypocritical things at some point. There Blog-images-IfIDie-circleare extremists everywhere, not just the church. There are freaks all over — just look within your family or neighborhood! There are Christians in both political parties. You’re smart, that’s true. How smart are you, though? If this circle represents all universal knowledge, draw a pie piece in your mind that represents the percentage that you actually possess. What if God is outside of that area?

If you have any curiosity about this loving God, why don’t you just ask Him to speak to you? Be sincere and expect an answer. He’s there and He’s waiting for you! If you’re angry with Him or don’t understand how bad things happen when there’s a supposedly good God, tell Him! Sometimes He’ll answer right away or it may take a bit of time, but if you really want to know if He’s real, He will show you! It’s still your choice whether to ask Him into your life, into your heart. He won’t force it, He’s cool like that.

Not sure?

Ask me what He did in my life! Ask someone you know who earnestly follows Him. Ask for someone to pray for you to know the truth. If you turn to the Bible, ask God to speak to you before you begin reading. Without His guiding Spirit, those words are just words. With it, they’re life-changing! If you want to ask Him into your life and don’t know how, just call me. I’ll talk with you and pray with you.

If you know me, you know I don’t hide the fact that I love Jesus, but I’m not one to constantly push it at you. So why is it here, on a blog about book design? Because I LOVE YOU! I can barely take a breath when I think of a joyful eternity without you, whether we know each other well or have yet to meet. This is my heart and it’s finally time to share. I certainly don’t plan to die tomorrow, but only God knows how many minutes, hours, and days I’ll be on this earth. Until I’m gone from here, I want to live a life that leaves a trail of crumbs that will lead others straight to Jesus. Will you join me?

Much love and many blessings from your friend, the Jesus freak.

PS: If I die tomorrow, the girls (and Tom) know how to access my files and your book will be just fine. 😉