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12 NEW Books to Give to Children This Christmas!

  Hey, everyone! You know that gifting children’s books for Christmas is a great way to instill a love for reading. We’ve helped create both picture books and chapter books this year for kids from ages approximately 3 to11. Some of these authors and publishers...

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Getting a Top Reviewer to Read Your Book

Today we feature a guest post from Chris Lawson, Hall of Fame reviewer on Amazon. His pen name is Bassocantor and you’ll definitely want to visit his blog for information and to read his reviews.

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How to Find the Right Book Designer

Of course, book design is a great passion of mine. With Erin and Monica, we bring a combination of 65+ years of book design experience to each of our clients. Whoa! As TLC Graphics, we’ve been working with authors for 25 years to bring their book dreams to fruition. It’s in our blood.

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If I Die Tomorrow

If I die tomorrow, anyone who cares will know exactly where to find me. I’ll be with my one and only TRUE love! Yes, Tom is my second true love.

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