Tamara Dever
Creative Director, Founder of TLC Graphics
Tom Dever
Marketing Guru, Founder of Narrow Gate Books
Erin Stark
Interior Design Expert
Monica Thomas
Cover and Children's Book Design Expert
Erica Vogel
Operations Manager



Tom Dever

Tom unwittingly joined the TLC Graphics company when he married Tami in 1997. Little did the then tech guru know that twelve years later he would somehow wind up founding our Narrow Gate Books division. We’re awfully glad that happened because he was getting pretty crabby at his last job. And because he’s a natural at running, promoting, and growing this fabulous company!

Tom brings more than 14 years of management experience along with a computer and electrical engineering background to the team. This means we always have the latest gadgets to work with, making us more efficient once we get out from under the boxes and cables and electronic junk he gathers. His enthusiasm for this company has made him 100% invaluable to all of us.

When not exploring new ways to improve the business, Tom enjoys playing golf (as a recovering volleyball addict with injuries), serving his church family, and being with his super-awesome wife (writing this bio) and kids. He’s a die-hard Packer fan — unless they get into a losing slump and then threatens to don a wicked Cowboys jersey — which could get him kicked out of the house.

Tom has a BFEE degree from the University of Wisconsin. Go, Bucky!