Tamara Dever
Creative Director, Founder of TLC Graphics
Tom Dever
Marketing Guru, Founder of Narrow Gate Books
Erin Stark
Interior Design Expert
Monica Thomas
Cover and Children's Book Design Expert
Erica Vogel
Operations Manager



MonicaWith one phone call, a few design samples, Monica was instantly added to our design team over ten years ago. She has more than sixteen years of publishing design experience, both as part of the former Prima Publishing team and working for other book design firms. In addition to being a multi-award winning book designer, she also creates promotional design work for wineries, cafes, and various businesses worldwide.

When not working, Monica enjoys horseback riding in the foothills of Northern California and camping with her husband and two energetic young boys. She has lived in various locations in Northern California, Washington and Missouri and two years in Talca, Chile, South America.

She has a degree in Communication Design from Chico State in California.