Tamara Dever
Creative Director, Founder of TLC Graphics
Tom Dever
Marketing Guru, Founder of Narrow Gate Books
Erin Stark
Interior Design Expert
Monica Thomas
Cover and Children's Book Design Expert
Erica Vogel
Operations Manager



An award-winning interior design specialist, Erin has 18 years of experience in the graphic design and publishing industries. She giggles with glee when a paragraph flows perfectly and guffaws with delight in seeing an index formatted beautifully. We affectionately call her the Chart Queen, as she makes them look so blasted good! In 1998, she joined the staff of TLC Graphics and is not permitted to leave—ever.

In her free time, Erin drives her talented children all over creation, volunteers at school and at church, loves watching the Badgers and Packers while eating popcorn with her wonderful husband, and enjoys traveling with her family to all places warm and sunny. She has a B.S. in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Having lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, briefly in Jamaica, and now near Kansas City, this girl gets around.