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You know that gifting children’s books for Christmas is a great way to instill a love for reading. We’ve helped create both picture books and chapter books this year for kids from ages approximately 3 to11. Some of these authors and publishers have other books to offer as well, so check them out and support small and indie publishers across the country. If you have any of these books, please let everyone know what you think of them. 🙂

Turtle Town series book 3: The Golden Boy
Melissa Williams
While trapped on the Forbidden Island of Niihau, Snap Shell is forced to witness the near destruction of an endangered shark population. Surfing will become his only chance for freedom when he is whisked away to Australia, where he will meet some of the most interesting creatures on earth. While he is there, the box shell turtle notices there’s something strange going on in the water. In this thrilling and final book in the Turtle Town series, Snap is on a mission to end shark finning for good, only to encounter the most dangerous battle of his life with his greatest love … the ocean.
Complete series: The Inner Puka / The Green Room / The Golden Boy
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Little Miss Molly Spanish coloring book / Señorita Molly Libro de Colorear (Also a picture book; both in English or Spanish)
Melissa Williams
Color your way through Little Miss Molly’s world of make-believe, princesses and all things pink! Based on the Little Miss Molly picture books, kids now get to see what this little lizard is up to during each season of the year.  / ¡Colorea a través del mundo fantástico de la Señorita Molly, las princesas y todas las cosas rosas! Este libro está basado en la serie de libros de la Señorita Molly. ¡Ahora todos pueden ver lo que hace Molly en cada estación del año!
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Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe
Grant & Julie Coy Maniér
“Different, not less…he’s MORE!” the zoo animals shouted! Grant the giraffe is the newest baby to be born at the city zoo. Grant appears to be a regular giraffe until the other animals notice that there is something different about the way he looks. His spots aren’t spots at all — they are shaped like jigsaw puzzle pieces!
As Grant grows up and spends time with the other animals, they learn that he is different in many other ways. Follow Grant’s journey as he sets off to discover his special talent and not let his differences stand in the way of his big dreams. Get ready to be amazed by this young giraffe and discover what different minds CAN do.
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The Smallest Horse
Lorie List
The Smallest Horse tells the story of Trixie, a miniature horse who worries she’s not big enough to have an important job on the ranch. Children will delight in this heartwarming tale as they follow Trixie’s misadventures and ultimate realization that she does indeed have a very special purpose on the ranch.
This is the first book in the Pony Dreams series. All of the horses in the Pony Dreams stories are real, and each one has a distinct personality, a unique life experience and different likes and dislikes. After children read the story, they can visit the Pony Dreams website to meet Trixie and the rest of the herd through a series of fun and educational videos and posts about the horses and the topics broached in each book.
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If It Wasn’t For God
Judy Biggie
Cuddle up in your favorite chair with your special child and let them listen to (or read together) the messages of each poem while sharing God’s love together! Surprise children, families and friends, new parents or grandparents with the hardcover version of the book that includes a gift page you can personalize. It’s a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays or any special celebration. If It Wasn’t for God is a treasured gift that’s a joy to give and fun to receive!Great as a curriculum for homeschooling, pre-school, classrooms or in the mission field.
“We may not see hands on everything.
Do you see them on lions or llamas?”
Along with the thought of lions and llamas having hands,
a serious image of purpose is revealed:
“God gives us hands for so many reasons,
to love and to serve him each day.”
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Anxious Abby
Alyssa Cathers
Join the adventure as Abby goes to Camp Trust for her first overnight camp. Spot the Worries filling up Abby’s backpack. Will she make it through the panic of leaving her parents? What is the shadow she sees in her cabin window? Will she throw up during softball practice?
Come take the Camp Trust Challenge. Find out if the Trusting Tigers can beat the Wily Wolverines at the big game. It’s time to hit that fear outta here!
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The Bubble Who Would Not Pop!
Shelly Roark
Billy Bubble is ready to burst! The excitement of finally being out of his bottle on a beautiful, sunny day is everything he’s hoped for. But someone else has bigger plans for Billy. The green-eyed girl with the bubble wand has a special message that needs to get to heaven pronto. Billy’s secret mission through the dangers of the sky – pointy branches, bird beaks, oh my! – will bring him before God, where he’ll learn an important lesson about God’s love and compassion. Join Billy Bubble on his journey of faith, and discover the power of prayer for yourself using the helpful prayer journal in the back of this book! Keep track of your prayers and see how God answers each of them as we live our lives for Him. Our Heavenly Father knows every hair on our heads, every bubble in the sky, and every prayer we offer with a sincere heart.
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Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go?
Lauren Flake
“Grandpa’s in our hearts, you see.” Written by Lauren Flake and illustrated by Lauren and her late mother Dixie Benton Stucky, Where Did My Sweet Grandpa Go?: A Preschooler’s Guide to Losing a Loved One gently leads little ones and their parents into meaningful conversations about death, grief, and eternal love. Activities and resources in the included Parents’ Guide reinforce the book’s comforting message of legacy and hope.
She also offers the award-winning, Where Did My Sweet Grandma Go?
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Eclipse Miracle
Sand Sheff
Did you know that the Sun and the Moon appear the same size in the sky? That’s because the Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon, but also 400 times farther away. It’s been called “the great coincidence”, but is it really just coincidence? Come take a journey to learn secrets of the Sun and Moon, and get a front-row seat as they line up to show us the amazing ECLIPSE MIRACLE! Includes 8-page science section.
It has to be one of the most beautifully presented stories for children! It contains science for beginners, geography, God lessons and how to overcome fear…Everything!”
Dr.Katina Michael, editor-in-chief IEEE Technology and Society Magazine
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God From A to Z
Robin House
A beautiful 64 page full color non-fiction book designed to describe and define the God of the Bible in an A to Z format. With key statements, metered rhyme, memory verses, discussion questions and topical studies for each letter of the alphabet, God from A to Z provides an easy-to-remember, logical, and fun format with which to learn the many key attributes of God. Written by Robin House and illustrated by Peggy A. Borel, God from A to Z is much more than a children’s book. A resource and reference for both adults and children, it is a book to read and re-read. Included in the book is a How to Use this Book Guide which explains how to use the book for specific ages, from birth through adulthood. An answer key for the discussion topics is also supplied. Parents, grandparents, mentors, school teachers, homeschool groups, Bible school teachers and children of all ages enjoy reading this book.
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Just Imagine…What if There Were No Black People in the World: Jaxon’s Magical Visit with Black Inventors and Scientists
Tamara Shiloh
A children’s book that tells the story of Jaxon, a Black boy who discovers and learns about several of the Black inventors and historical figures who have made a positive impact on our everyday lives. The series is a great way for children to learn about the importance of Black scientists, mathematicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, and much more.
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Too Much MacTiggle
Tonie Melendez
His left ear drooped. His nose was too big. His front and back legs were too short and stubby. He made too much noise. He made too much trouble. Still, he wanted so much to belong to someone. Could a puppy like this ever find a home?
A ‘must’ for any family library with youngsters,Too Too Much will wag his way into your heart. – Pacific Book Review
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