Let’s get to know each other. Perhaps you’re a publisher in need of quality book design. Maybe you’re a speaker or business leader who wants to publish a book to augment your career. If you’re here, we think it’s safe to assume that you’re searching for a teammate who will invest time and expertise in helping to further your passion. We want to know about your goals and what’s driving you to publish!

We’d like to welcome you to the TLC family. Our team isn’t interested in cranking out book after book to pad our portfolio. We truly love our clients and want them to succeed — ask any of them! We carefully guide you through the production process, taking your raw manuscript through editorial, design, and printing to provide a beautiful and salable book you’ll be proud to represent. Whether you simply need design or the whole gamut of our services, let’s work together to bring your book to fruition!

We create books by offering design, editorial, printing, and ebook services for anyone who is serious about producing a high-quality book.
We are not a publisher. We are not a vanity press. We are your partner.

We’re changing our name!

We’re changing our look AND our name. 🙂 We will soon become TLC Book Design and you’ll reap the benefits with an updated, easy-to-navigate website, new services, and more. It’s exciting, so stay tuned for a big reveal in early April 2018!


TLC Graphics is dedicated to meet the opportunities and challenges authors may face. We can take your book from idea to printed book with style. We are passionate about making your book the best it can possibly be and giving your dream every chance to succeed.

Our Design Portfolio

Outstanding book design is the backbone of TLC Graphcis. We deeply care about presenting a great-looking book, inside and out. We know, however, that book design has a purpose and combining that with aesthetics allows us to provide a book that is readable, inviting, beautiful, and salable, never sacrificing one quality for another.

Winners of numerous regional and national design awards, we know book design and are ready to create a design that you love and that can compete in the marketplace.